Integrated Box Office, Online Ticketing and Patron/Donor Management System

Here's Who We Are

EventCetera (dba of EventCentrics LLC) was founded in 2006 by people with a love and commitment to the arts and over 10 years of experience implementing software for fundraising and event production and over 20 years of experience in computer software development.

We are here because we believe that event production and advancement of musical and theatrical arts are vital to weaving the fabric of the communities in which they take place.

Special events get us away from our jobs, out of our houses, release us from our rote routines and allow us to come together in another way, as participants and celebrants of community -- whether it's an evening of theatre, a large multi-day music festival or an afternoon of wine tasting and jazz. Performing arts entertain and delight us but also to allow us to gather and have an artist take us as a group somewhere that we might not be able to go ourselves, and in a visceral way that just can't happen through a living room TV.

At EventCetera, we've spent time in front of the stage, behind it and at times even on it. We know what it's like to have to worry about what seems like a thousand different details of event production and work so hard for something so ephemeral, yet so important. And we know what drives the people who do it. We know how crazy it can get sometimes yet how satisfying it call all be -- especially when it goes smoothly!

But most of all we understand the idea of running a non-profit on a shoe-string budget. Our system does not handle fast sellouts of 80,000 seat stadiums. We don't sport a lot of glitzy graphics or marketing materials and we don't have a large staff. Our clients don't need that stuff. They need someone who will work closely with them and understand their unique organization the way they do, and provide help with a flexible but powerful ticketing and donor management system that will meet their needs.

So, we're here to help. We "get" the importance of events and performing arts. And we "get" the lack of advanced information management systems that can be found to support them at a reasonable price.

That's why were here doing what we do.