Integrated Box Office, Online Ticketing and Patron/Donor Management System

Detailed Feature List

EventCetera is specially designed to support multi-event festivals and small theatres. Our goal is to be affordable yet powerful and supply our clients with a system that meets their needs.

Here's what it does:

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Online Sales

  • Online sales come from the same seating pool that your box office uses
  • Automatic best seat selection with alternate seat selections
  • Patrons can specify sections within a price level
  • Online purchase of season tickets with automatic seat selection for all shows
  • Entry of promotion code to display special pricing / discounts
  • Sell merchandise and take donations along with ticket sales
  • Order expires and seats returned to pool if order not completed within specified time
  • Confirmations are sent to Patron and a copy can be sent to you via email
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Office Sales

  • Start with either order or account lookup
  • Automatic best seat selection with ability to move seats
  • Clickable and hover-over seat map displays purchaser records instantly
  • Patron History window viewable during order for past event and seat information
  • Return specific seats with Return-To-Hold option
  • Track which tickets have been printed within an order
  • Track by Sale Type and Login who processed order
  • Ability to place both internal and public notes on an order
  • Combine multiple payments and refunds of varying types
  • Option to print or email invoice to patron
  • Option to print tickets immediately or send them to batch

Event Configuration

  • Various pricing structures for specific sections in reserved seat venues
  • Sell reserved seats, general admission items, parking, t-shirts, etc. online
  • Set online sale start and end dates for show or individual prices
  • Multiple promotion codes
  • Configure season tickets and packages for online purchase
  • Display images and notes next to online sales items
  • Change settings for individual date or all dates of same show
  • Categorize pricing (retail, discount, media comp, etc)
  • Setup fees for office/online orders or fees per ticket or event
  • Clone event setups

Venue Configuration & Seating

  • Multiple venues or multiple configurations of the same venue
  • Separate sections w/ separate pricing
  • Configure best seat selection to favor front or center of venue
  • Any seats can be favored or disfavored based on specific needs
  • Assign "Held" seats to categories (media, sponsor, etc)
  • Clickable and hover-over seat map displays purchaser records instantly
  • Quickly move a party to another location in the venue
  • Venues can be configured as theatre, table seating or both


  • Thermal printers
  • Printing tickets on a laser printer
  • Batch reports & envelope printing to support printing and stuffing your own tickets
  • Reservation only
  • Tickets can be printed one order at a time or unprinted tickets batched in groups
  • Ticket layouts are customized to your needs
  • E-Ticketing (and scanning of tickets if necessary)
  • E-ticket gate check-in system
    • Check in patrons and volunteers w/ hand-held pda scanner
    • Easy patron lookup by name, or phone number
    • Partial check-in and unscan
    • Wristband inventory tracking features


  • Orders, Seating, Sales, Payment Application and Account Category reports
  • Sales by show, office/online percentages and more
  • Default Reports are completely customizable to meet your needs
  • Create your own custom reports or have us create them for you at no charge
    e.g. a saved report to show all t-shirt sales within the past week
  • Customize selection criteria or fields displayed, totals, etc
  • Export any report to Excel

Integrated Ticket Sales, Donor and Event Management

  • Category designations can be assigned (one or many) to donor/patron records and used as search/reporting criteria, i.e. foundations, business, industry, in-kind donors, giving levels, etc.
  • Search donations on range of donation amounts, range of dates and/or on multiple category designations.
  • In addition to details for individual orders and donations, ability to view Totals for the Year for all Donations (donations total for year) and for all Tickets purchased (total spent on tickets for year) for a Patron/Donor Account record
  • Advanced reporting features allow you to query for decreasing sales or lapsing donors as well as other advanced donor queries
  • Contact Management features, including Activity Type, Due Date, Completion Date, Assigned To, Notes
  • Prospect tracking - Possible Gift Amounts, Assigned To, Notes
  • Relationships tracking - creating associations between donors/patrons
  • Mail flags indicating which type of mailing(s) to be sent to donor/patron and record of what has been sent
  • Mailing management to generate lists and merge with standard letters (user-created in Word) for printing and mailing
  • Pledge and gift tracking - pledge frequency, billing options, fair market value, premiums, donated so far, etc.
  • Ability to track and report on pledged amounts, accounts receivable, write off uncollected amounts, etc.

Volunteer Management

  • Volunteer management for single large events by committee
  • For small events by event date
  • Track volunteer admission and ticketing
  • Separate logins for committee members to create and track their own volunteer lists from home
  • E-ticketing for volunteers and service providers
  • Enter shift schedules and print schedules on volunteer tickets
  • Track patrons who have experience or are interested in volunteering in specific areas

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