Integrated Box Office, Online Ticketing and Patron/Donor Management System

Here's How it Works

EventCetera features a web-based box office/patron management system with various ticketing options. Online sales are branded to look like your site and we never take a cut of your receipts or add fees on to your patrons orders. Here's how it works:

Web Based Box Office System
Cash Flow
Reserved Seats
Integrated Ticket Sales, Donor and Event Management
How we work

Web Based Box Office System

EventCetera is an internet-based box office system. What this means is:
  • All you need to access the system is a web browser and reliable internet*
  • The database and application are hosted remotely by a leading Service Provider in a safe, secure facility with over 99.5% uptime
  • There is no database, server or application to install, back up, maintain or upgrade
  • Your data is automatically backed up daily on a rotating weekly/monthly basis
  • Online Sales and Box Office / Phone Sales come from the same seating pool / ticket inventory
  • Any member of your organization can access Box Office Sales, Web Sales, Event Setup, Reports, Patron and Donor Management, Volunteer Lists and more simultaneously from anywhere, any time (office, home, even remote venues or other locations via PC, MAC or PDA)
    This is perfect for organizations consisting of organizers working from multiple locations
  • You can create unlimited logins for your staff with varying levels of privileges
  • We can log into the system along with you to help set up events, give assistance or troubleshoot issues
  • Your data is kept completely private and is available to you whenever you need it

    Note: A web-based ticketing system requires a reliable internet connection. Modern-day internet connects are becoming increasingly stable and many organizations find that they experience more uptime with their internet connection than with their own in-house servers and application installations.

Cash Flow

All receipts go directly to you:
  • We never take a cut out of your sales and we never add fees to orders or otherwise charge fees to your patrons
  • Both online and box office payments are routed directly to your merchant account via (other gateways such as pay-pal can be supported as well)
  • You can optionally configure service fees to be automatically added to orders based on sale type, event or venue, but those fees go to you. We bill you separately later


There are several options for ticketing:
  • Thermal Ticket Printers
  • E-Ticketing (and scanning of tickets if necessary)
  • Printing Tickets on a laser printer
  • Batch reports & envelope printing to support printing and stuffing your own tickets
  • Reservation only
  • Tickets can be printed one order at a time or batched in groups
  • Ticket layouts are customized to your needs

Reserved Seats

We specialize in handling both reserved seat and general admission sales:
  • You provide us with seating information for your venues and we will build them into the system for no extra charges
  • We can set up venues to favor front row or part way back and we can favor or disfavor specific seats as necessary
  • A venue can be theatre style, table seating or any other configuration

Integrated Ticket Sales, Donor and Event Management

Our system is tailored to non-profits who do a substantial amount of fund raising in addition to their event sales:
  • Contact manager allows you to categorize contacts
  • Combined views and reports show sales as well as donation information
  • Advanced reporting features allow you to query for increasing/decreasing sales or lapsing donors

How we work

We enjoy getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and working closely with them to make sure they are getting as much out of our ticketing system and of working with us as they can.

Many elements of our system were designed to be customizable on a per-client bases. In most cases if there is small change or addition to the system that client needs, we're happy to do it free of charge.

Aside from the technology, we come from an events background. We've been there; we've been involved in production of both large and small events, both simple and complex. We know how crazy it can get sometimes yet how satisfying it call all be -- especially when it goes smoothly!

It's important that our clients have a good experience working with us and using our system, and we pride ourselves being in "being there" for clients throughout the course of their event to lend help and support where we can. We are happy to provide references of clients who can share their experiences in working with us.

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